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Should I have 2 Photographers? – Here is what we think

This is a question we get asked pretty often.  “Should I have 2 photographers at my wedding?”  “Will it make a difference?”  “What is the advantage of having 2 photographers?”

Well, I have decided to put together a post ALL ABOUT the advantages of having two photographers at a wedding.

I believe any professional and experienced wedding photographer can handle a wedding solo and do a good job.  Most photographers who now work as a team probably did start out shooting solo.  Tim and I have shot weddings solo and together.  However, we both believe 2 photographers are better than one for a wedding day.  We have qualified professional photographers we use on occasion and all of them could shoot a wedding on their own if they chose.  This is not the case for all photography companies, so please check the validity of any second shooter you pay additional $ for.    Even though one photographer can be a great fit on a wedding day, there are certain things one photographer just cannot do.  I am going to outline some of the reasons why below with pictures to match.

1. Pre-Ceremony Double Coverage gets the details.  It is important!  All the time you spent picking out the shoes, your dress, flowers, matching the colors of the tux, investing time into your first gifts to one another as husband and wife etc.  That is important stuff.  You want to have it captured.  Unless the bride and groom are getting ready together or in a very close location to each other, it is going to be pretty difficult to have one photographer grab everything prior to ceremony time.


2. Capturing those Special Moments – Now that we have the details, we need to see you put them to use! The moments leading up to the big moment where you say I do, is a huge part of the day. 2 photographers will capture those special moments that may have been missed. Plus after the wedding you can actually see what the other one was doing prior to when you become husband and wife.  It is possible for one photographer to travel back and forth to different hotel rooms or even different locations.  Just keep in mind, you will need to bring the photographer on earlier to accommodate.


3. You Just Get More Done – 2 Photographers in two locations (before the ceremony) ensures you can get some portraits out of the way before and after you say I do.  After the ceremony, both photographers can be shooting at the same time making time between ceremony and cocktail hour much more efficient as well.   This is especially helpful with large families and/or bridal parties.



4. Different Angles of Everything - Your day flies by. Unless you have a videographer or a family member recording, you may not even remember all of it!   Not only will you have more pictures of the ceremony, and reception, you will have more angles of what is going on. Additionally you will get some more creative shots because one photographer is not pressured to capture it all.  This also means the final product will have more images.




5. Your Photographers can be a tad more Creative – One photographer can do a great job on a wedding and be creative.  However when there are two, it allows for a more creative workflow throughout the day. While the main photographer is making sure the must have shots are gotten, the second photographer can focus on being more creative and getting some additional angles.  This is especially helpful if there is a tight schedule or if things are running behind.


2photographers_00232photographers_00182photographers_00146. Added Security -  Moments happen, sometimes really quick.  First kisses can be quick.  Having 2 professionals at your wedding is added security for capturing those moments.  If one photographer is grabbing details shots (centerpieces, cake)  during cocktail hour the other can be focusing on the people.  People signing your guestbook, being goofy, candid portraits etc.

So those are the key points we think 2 photographer may work better for a lot of people.  Each wedding is unique.  Each wedding has its own timeline, amount of guests, bridal party and locations.

1 Photographer (suggested)

  • Getting ready, Ceremony and reception are in the same location
  • Getting ready of the bride and groom is not important (especially if locations differ)
  • Small Ceremony (50 guests or less)
  • Small Bridal party (1-2 bridesmaids/groomsmen)

2 Photographers (suggested)

  • Getting ready and ceremony are in different locations
  • Getting ready for the bride and groom is important
  • Ceremony and Reception are in different locations
  • Larger Ceremony (100 guests or more)
  • Larger Bridal party (3+ bridesmaids/groomsmen
  • Large Family or Families
  • Tight schedule

We hope this helps anyone who is not sure about choosing one or two photographers for their wedding.

Everything we have mentioned above pertains to Carden’s Photography only, as we cannot vouch for any other photographer and the amount of experience their second shooters may or may not have.  If you are paying for an additional photographer ask to see work from the 2nd photographer along with a little background and what their experience is.


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