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Dozer on Film!

I recently purchased a Nikon slr N70 F70.  All my lenses I use everyday work with it which is awesome.  When I opened the role of film and popped open the back of the camera it was a bit nostalgic.  It certainly was something I have not done in some time.   After taking the first picture, I instantly looked at the back of the camera to see the result, just to see the back of the camera which is a solid black.  Pretty funny.   Here is one of my favorites from the last role I had developed.


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  • Isabel - I was working with a film camera last weekend at a shoot and found myself doing the exact same thing. Dozer looks fab!

  • admin - its so funny, I did it prob for almost the first half of the roll every time! This is prob the best pic I have of Dozer its so funny it was with a camera I just got. Luckily he had no eye boogies or slobber when I took this.

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