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The Tale of 2 Dresses

About a week before her wedding date, Becky emailed me about a “slight change”. ..

During her final dress fitting she decided she was not happy with how the dress she had choose looked.  Needless to say, she could tell that her fiance felt her disapointment at the fitting.  Off she went to find a better replacement (cant blame her!).

In the end (on the wedding date), her fiance was not aware she had bought a new dress for their wedding.  It turned into a fun suprise that know one knew about other than “her girls” and me.  I arrive at her house where she was getting her hair done, with the old dress hanging on the door next her.  All the while with fiance Frank about to begin his getting ready ordeal, in the same house.  Deciding to “play along” to make the whole surprise even more real, I decide to take the dress (she wouldnt be wearing) off for some pictures. *hee hee*

After FINALLY shooing the guys off to the ceremony site, and watching to make sure they were well on their way down the road, the new dress (which I am dying to see) is rushed on in (from a fellow bridesmaid’s car)!

I grabbed a quick shot of it before Becky quickly threw it on so it could be laced up (there was a lot to lace).

Turns out Frank had a lil surprise of his own!  Shortly after being strapped in and ready to go get married, Becky was presented with a box (from her sister) her beloved fiance had asked her to present Becky with.  Beautiful earrings!  Bare in mind, Becky had 3 sets of earrings set out just moments earlier and was debating which ones to wear !  Needless to say, these earrings were much more special and fit her new dress to a tea.

What an exciting way to start the day and a new marriage.  With a suprise!!!

The Dress that didnt make it....
The Dress that didnt make it….
Frantically being rushed in!
Frantically being rushed in!





Becky’s Surprise


New dress on.  Old dress left hanging!
New dress on. Old dress left hanging!
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