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Eddy’s Story – Luyang and I were classmates at college. At the first night of school, I met her at the garden outside of her dormitory. I was attracted by her. After that night, I tried all kinds of ways to get to know her and we became good friends. We went to classes and studied in the library together. Before I showed my love to her, I made everybody in our class think that we already started dating. I stayed with her all the time and there was no chance that other guys can show their interest to her. On her birthday, we lay down on the lawn in front of the library, looking at the stars. I told her how I love her. I was so nervous. November 2, 2007, she said yes to me. From that day, our story began. We loved and respected each other. There were conflicts between us too, but we always calmed down and learned how to love each other from the lessons.

After graduation, Luyang came to USA and I stayed in China starting my career. So we started our three-year-and-half long-distance relationship. In these years, we had quarrels. But we always learn from each other and try to change ourselves for each other.

Between us, there was the Pacific Ocean, which makes us in totally different time zone. I could only hear her voice and tell her “I love you”at the exchange of day and night.



Luyang’s Story – We met at the first day of college. At the first sight, he was a fluffy talktive humorous guy. He became one of my best friends quickly. And probably the biggest “mistake” I ever made in my life is I talked about all of my admirers at that time with him. And of course, he helped me turned them down one by one. At the same time, I found out he is helpful, responsible, and reliable. One day he asked me the question and I hesitated for a week (I know it was too short), and you know the answer.

So we spent four years together happily at college. After graduate, I went to the States for graduate school, and he stayed in China starting his career. We were struggling about where we gonna go because both us were doing well at our own sides. It was difficult but we never feel we should give up. Now when we look back, we know this is the blessing from GOD. Finally, he decided to make a sacrifice for us and move here with me. I was so touched by his love and sacrifice. On Feb 14, 2015, I flew back to China and he proposed at the airport. He put the ring on my finger before I said “Yes” because he knew I had no choice. And he cried more than I did.


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